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Beta Biothane Dog Collars & Leashes

Custom sized dog collars! Please measure your dogs neck to get the best fit! 

What we offer for your four-legged family...

To view pricing and start to customize your dog accessories, choose the item you wish to order below.

Simple Dog Collar


Plus Tax & Shipping

Simple and durable style that is easy to wash and will not smell or mildew. 

This collar is a single layer of Beta Biothane with stainless steel hardware. 


Stitched Double Layer Collar


Plus Tax & Shipping

Double-stitched for a unique and clean look, providing superior durability. This collar will meet every need, as it lends comfort and ease of use for you and your four-legged friend.

You choose your main color (center) and accent color (underlay).  Made with stainless steel hardware.




Plus Tax & Shipping

Have your best friend with you at all times with our 4 different leash styles. 

Walkie Talkie  2' 

Wanderer   3'

Freedom 5'-8'

Waist Leash 3' - 10'

All leashes are made with stainless steel hardware.